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The Rabbit Club

Fund My Rabbit ABNFT’s are HERE!

Fund My Rabbit create Asset Backed NFTs. Our ABNFTs undergo a full due dilligence process, giving you the peace of mind when investing.

We use funds raised from ABNFTs to finance business projects and in return these companies pay back a profit share to the ABNFT holder.

Our Genesis Token called The Rabbit Club is your early access key to our community, whitelisting, air drops, Staking Rabbits for earn, Gamification of ABNFTs, Tokenisation and more.

The first 500 Rabbit Club NFTs bought will be air dropped an ABNFT from each of the first four projects.

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The Rabbit Club (Genesis Token)

6,666 Rabbit Genesis NFTs
1000+ traits and combinations

This is our early access token. This gives you early access to all of our future project drops.

Owners of these tokens are our early adopters and the people in our community which we will be rewarding with free NFTs from future projects and much, much more.


1. Pre-launch Whitelisting Position (per Rabbit)
2. Tesla Model 3 Giveaway
3. 100 NFTs from each new project will be dropped into The Rabbit Club Holder community at random.
4. Project Air Drops included with first 500 Rabbit Club NFTs held (see Table).

Current Projects

Maximus Copper Mine

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Simply Mystro Website
Simply Mystro Twitter community
Due Diligence LiveCoppermine MOU

Maximus Copper Mine

30,000 Asset Backed NFTs
1000+ traits and combinations
We are actively working with two African Copper Mines that are looking to setup a new smelter and provide passive income in the form of profit shares for the community that holds their NFTs.

This project aims to provide 350 extra jobs in Africa.


1. A 20 Year Growing Concern
2. Project Success ROI $40m per year to ABNFT Holders
3. Memorandum Of
Understanding (MOU) Signed
Approx Funding: 26,000ETH
Whitelisting: 0.4ETH
Public mint: 1ETH

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